Aaron Scott has taken on and excelled at every role he has played in the electronic music industry for more than a decade.
While enlisted in the US Coast Guard and stationed in Southern Florida, he stumbled upon and fell instantly in love with the underground electronic music scene. He purchased 2 turntables, a basic mixer, some vinyl and a set of tutorial videos and shortly thereafter started playing gigs in bars, lounges and underground parties in Jacksonville, Miami and Key West. After a deployment in Bahrain, he returned to the States to a growing scene and was frequenting parties at every opportunity to hear the music and watch the "A-listers" work. His passion for the music and for learning the techniques grew and by the time he returned to his home State of Delaware, he was full on addicted to everything about house music.

    He returned to college and played at campus parties and local bars and lounges. He also began to network with other DJs and Producers and transitioned into using multiple mediums like Traktor and Abelton. By the time he graduated from University of Delaware, he knew he wanted to get more involved in playing and producing music.

    The next couple of years he spent his time developing his skills, learning as much as possible, playing anywhere that would give him an opportunity, working with a variety of musicians, DJs and other producers and developing a serious and sophisticated sound of his own. While he has a wide variety of influences from Trance, Progressive and House, his heart beats with the deeper spectrum through Techno and Tech House and his production is strongly influenced by Tribal drums.

    In the spring of 2012, A.S. was inspired to bring the dreams of owning his own record label to fruition and TechTribal Records was born. Taking all of his knowledge of starting and owning other businesses combined with his mathematical aptitude and marketing expertise, he designed a web site, started multiple social media pages and went on an ad and PR binge. Over the next year, he would build strong, supportive relationships with dozens of like-minded artists, DJs, Producers and fans and when the first album: TechTribal: The Drum Train Volume 1 Various Artists was released March 17, 2013, it skyrocketed onto the top 25 charts on Beatport within the first week in Techno, Tech House, Minimal and House genres. The album and subsequent releases have hovered throughout the top 100 on charts on Beatport, Satellite, Traxsource and Audiojelly and there are artists and tracks lined up to be released throughout 2013.

    As A.S. continues to play for crowds locally in clubs New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware, his driving force and true love lies in the Underground and he desires the feeling he gets when the crowd is dancing and vibing and so into the music that it doesn’t matter where the party is. This is only the beginning.

    Currently, A.S. is working on multiple projects with upcoming appearances scheduled in the US as well as abroad. There are original tracks in the works and an ever growing demand for remixes with various labels and artists. He plans to broaden TechTribal to include more artists and never ending ideas to build stronger bonds and support within the music industry. There is another desire, one to improve and bring together every aspect of what A.S. loves most about house music and give the artists and the fans everything they want, instantly. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and you will never cease to be amazed by the talent and creativity that is Aaron Scott.

    Be sure to catch Aaron Scott's TechTribal: The Drum Train on Podcast released every Friday, where he and some serious friends lay down banging beats to get your weekend started proper.

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